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Dusty Meehan is the only marketing consultant I've ever hired who has produced ANY measurable results let alone produced those results within a surprisingly short period of time at such a reasonable cost.

I absolutely trust Dusty, having turned over to her all of my social media channels where she channels me, my mission and even my personality in a focused way to the heart of my market.

She is ACCOUNTABLE, savvy, smart, knowledgeable, intuitive, creative and, to say it again, result-oriented.  If you need someone to help you market YOU, INC. there isn't actually anyone BUT Dusty to hire.

Victoria Pynchon
Negotiation Consultant, She Negotiates Consulting and Training, and Best-Selling Author

In looking for a web marketing specialist to grow my ecommerce business, I wanted what everyone wants and in my case, was loathe to find until I met Dusty; She delighted our existing fans and those on the fence and asked them what they wanted to see from our online promotions, website, blogs, etc.

Dusty streamlined our branding and created a sale plan, resulting in much higher website traffic, better conversions, and doubled our direct sales. She accomplished all of this on time, on budget and with the highest efficiency and professionalism.  If you have a chance to work with Dusty, do not hesitate.

Donna Steinmann
Medicine Mama’s Apothecary Founder and CEO

The CDM team has been a Godsend! Their exquisite blend of compassion and competence helped me overcome my issues with selling myself. Although I'm an articulate, talented woman, promoting my lifestyle medicine practice triggered my sense of unworthiness.

Their expertise and support enabled me to learn how to enjoy selling myself, my book, Rescued by My Breath, and corporate wellness business. On top of creating the perfect website that everyone praises, I now feel comfortable receiving accolades and have executed a new business strategy for greater success.

Dr. Natazha Raine O’Connor
Doctor of Physical Therapy, Corporate Wellness Trainer, and Best-Selling Author

Dusty And Natazha Rowing Around Alcatraz
Dusty And Natazha Rowing Around Alcatraz

Strategizing with Dusty and her team has been extraordinary in effectively identifying ways to best position our business without wasting resources on unnecessary drivel. What's more, they do all of the work for you! From the competitive analysis to the actual tactical implementation, from content creation all the way through to the lead nurturing and managing the sales process.

Dusty is a person of high integrity whom I trust implicitly and recommend for generating real results for any business.

Stephen Monaco
Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer

Over the course of ten month, the CDM team created a website that impacts and really speaks to who I am as an Executive Coach and business owner. Dusty's ability to listen to her clients and produce high quality websites, content and marketing plans that generate results has been a truly effortless and energizing experience. She brings transparent communication; marketing strategy know how and great follow though that supports businesses in growing your bottom line. She is a true marketing expert and her services are well worth it and I highly recommend her if you are interested in upping your game and expanding your brand and revenue.

Katie B Smith
Author, Professional Certified Executive Coach and Best-Selling Author

Dusty And Katie With Her New Book
Dusty And Katie With Her New Book


Dusty was perfect for me - she is consistent, understands the speaking world, and her heart beats "sales." Her social media and newsletter efforts have successfully driven more traffic to my platforms in a very short amount of time. Dusty jumps into the Captain’s Chair when needed and steps into a Project Manager role on special projects.

She always delivers what she promises. I trust Dusty implicitly and know she will always have my best interests at heart.

Laura Stack
National Speaker’s Association Hall of Famer, Bestselling Author, Corporate Productivity Pro

In six months, Dusty created a powerful web presence for my business. She is passionate, knowledgeable, effective, and an absolute pleasure to do business with. If Online Marketing were an Olympic sport, Dusty Meehan would win the Gold Medal!

Ruben Gonzalez 
Olympian, Business Author, Award-winning Keynote Speaker

The truth of the matter is that Dusty Meehan and her team straight out produces results...and they do so at a reasonable price. They are highly professional and their level of personal attention is outstanding. Anyone who is trying to build a social media and email marketing platform needs Dusty to lead!

Dr. Jason Selk LPC, NCC 
St. Louis Cardinals Mental Training Director and Best-Selling Author

As a business owner, there is nothing more important to me than commitment and communication. Dusty Meehan embodies both. We have open and honest conversations about progress and what is required to do more from each side, which is then followed by the commitment to make it happen.

My online business saw a positive impact from Dusty’d team work on my website, social media and content marketing. I recommend her to anyone looking for a partner to help grow their digital business and sales.

Burk Moreland 
Executive Business Coach, Speaker, and Author

From our first conversation, I knew Dusty ‘got me’ and had a concrete plan to improve my marketing and refine my sales focus. Dusty’s team has a personal approach and vast knowledge that improves digital marketing that achieving real results.

Over 6 months, her and her team assisted me in these key areas:

  • Identified target audience and segmenting industries within my database. This resulted in a larger list and improved open and click-through rates for my email marketing
  • Strengthened and refined my brand messaging and differentials for greater clarity and impact.
  • Grew my social media and engagement. They created a cohesive strategy resulting on authentic engagement with connections and built stronger relationships with current and potential clients.

Jones Loflin
Professional Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer, and Nest-Selling Author

Dusty is without a doubt the best marketing expert I've met or had the pleasure of working with. Many things go into being the phenomenal marketing partner that she is: her savvy in different marketing platforms (email, social, website, content), her efficiency and devotion, and her relentless ability to move forward, no matter the obstacle.

Dusty is genuine, she truly provides value both for us and for our potential clients.  We absolutely love her!

Reut Schwartz-Hebron
Author, Speaker, Senior Consultant at KeyChange Institute

Dusty is one of the most talented, encouraging and empowering people I’ve had work with me. Her knowledge of online marketing, wisdom and personable approach to business makes her integral to developing and maintaining one's business model and credibility!

Frank Bucaro, CSP, CPAE
Hall of Fame Speaker on Ethics, Consultant, Author and Values-Based Leadership Expert

Dusty Meehan's team work for me as an attorney, public speaker, and author. They were excellent from start to finish - on time and she did what she said she would do. She was very energetic and willing to try several different creative methods in growing my business. I would strongly recommend her for anyone considering this type of online business promotion.”

Scott Estill
New York Times Best-Selling Author and Tax Attorney