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Megan Stauffer

Conversion Manager

Oh, hey!

I grew up running around in the cold winters of Lower Canada, also known as Michigan. After two years at Central Michigan University I relocated to Fort Collins to attend Colorado State. Best decision I ever made!

I spent my time in college working in various traditional and digital marketing mediums, like a rodeo magazine and designing investment memorandums. After a few years of having to put on real pants and showing up to work every day, I realized I hated leaving my cat alone and decided to really pursue working from home. Dusty fulfilled my quest by bringing me on with Choice!

Now I strategize how to get your message out in the world in a way that hooks your unique audience.

Are you ready to show the world what you have to say?


Things I dig

Star Wars
Skiing (I’m getting better!)
Pretty much every animal
Hans Zimmer
Pumpkin spice (don’t judge)
My cat coworker

Currently watching

KittyStar Wars : Force Awakens