Marketing Plan Development 2

Marketing Plan

We manage each element to bring more potential clients and customers to your business. Our primary service is the creation of Marketing Plans, through our eight week collaboration. When you choose to work with us to implement your marketing plan, we work with you to bring the strategy to life.

Typical timeframe and investment: 8 weeks/$5,500

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Differential Analysis

Differentials and Competitive Analysis

Your brand is unique. But what makes it so? What sets it apart from the competition? As part of our marketing plan, we conduct thorough competitive analysis to determine strengths, weaknesses, unique offerings, and differentials of your brand’s closest competitors to better help you stand out from the crowd.

Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar

Traffic generation doesn’t happen by itself – content drives traffic. But what content should you be creating? We’ll craft a one-of-a-kind clear, direct, and easily followed comprehensive editorial calendar specifically for your brand to help you manage campaigns, content, and outreach. By adhering to a pre-specified timeline, you’ll never be at a loss as to what to do for your brand each week.

Media Recommendations

Email, CRM, and Social
Media Recommendations

Based on your brand’s offering, your customer profile, and your own preferences, we determine the most effective platforms for your brand, so you can start seeing the conversions you want.
We’ll also help you craft effective email marketing campaigns and outreach to keep your customers up to date on all the content that keeps them coming back.

Target Market

Ideal Customer and
Target Market

Clients are the lifeblood of a brand – without customers, a brand is in some serious trouble. And yet surprisingly many people don’t know who their customer is. We work with you to build a complete buyer persona and profile of YOUR ideal customer, and craft our strategy around a buyer unique to you. From there, we use our customer profile to craft a targeted strategy to not only reach your audience, but convert them into customers.

Brand Messaging

Brand Messaging and
Identity Recommendations

Your brand is unique – it has its own message, its own voice, its own identity. We help you identify and refine this identity to get to the heart of what your brand’s message is. With a clear and concise message, we’re able to effectively communicate with your potential customers, and create a brand identity that sets you apart from the pack.

Website Guide

Website Technical and
Design Guide

A great brand needs a great website. With your marketing plan, we’ll include our recommendations as to how to maximize your efficacy with a great looking website. Should you choose to work with us to implement your plan, we’ll take care of implementing our recommendations and make something truly special.