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Marketing Plan Development

Marketing Plan Development

Your 100% customized and comprehensive marketing plans is strategically action-oriented, based on our research and expertise for your business goals.
  • Marketing Research, Competitive Analysis, Brand Differentials
  • Ideal Customer/Target Market Findings
  • Website Recommendations for optimal conversions and high SEO
  • 1 Month Editorial Calendar based on the buying preferences of your target market: Email, CRM, Social Media, and Cross-Promotion list/follower, size, engagement, and conversions.
  • Brand message and design templates: color palettes, logo, banners, and newsletter.
  • Resources needed: graphic design/development, copy-writing, video, etc
The plan is yours to implement yourself, work with us, or another agency.
Typical timeframe and investment: 8 weeks/$5,500
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Marketing Plan Implementation

Without implementation of your marketing plan, it’s going to be frustrating because you’ll know what should be done, but not how to do it.

When you choose to work with CDM to implement your marketing plan, we work with you to bring your vision and goals to life. We manage every element of your online presence to attract more potential clients and customers to your business.
  • Brand positioning and differentials
  • Program development support
  • Solidify target market behavior and buying preferences
  • Technical guideline and web design and development
  • Brand identity and graphics creation
  • Conversion Strategy – moving a stranger to a followers to a customer on search engines, social media, and website content

Only 20% of business are satisfied with their conversion rates. Want to be in that 20%? Start getting the results you want, with significantly more traffic, leads, and customers.


Typical timeframe and investment: 6-8 months/$24,000-$26,000

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Marketing Plan Implemenation