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Katie B. Smith

When it comes to executive career coaching, Katie B. Smith is unparalleled in her expertise and years of experience. Despite her success and her high caliber of coaching, Katie’s branding and website did not reflect the level of excellence consistently delivered to her clients. Choice Digital Marketing worked closely with Katie to craft a new, updated image for her executive coaching business that accurately reflects her high level of accomplishment and expert knowledge.

Katie Smith Results

Katie Smith Icons


We went through several iterations of Katie’s logo before deciding on visual representation that felt rang most true. Each updated version served to work closer and closer to Katie’s overall message and deliver a logo that elevated her brand.

Katie was very adamant on incorporating labyrinth imagery, a concept which was refined until we found a balance of elegance and subtlety that felt right.

Katie Smith Strategy

Getting Strategic

Prior to working with us, Katie had an idea of who her ideal customer was, but was struggling to reach them in a meaningful or effective way. We worked with Katie to refine her target market and develop a comprehensive strategy in order to more effectively connect with the clients she sought.

Our team also worked closely with Katie in order to assist her in the development of new and updated coaching programs that would appeal to the type of clientele that Katie was interested in working with, and to see a higher rate of conversions from potential clients into new customers.

Katie Smith Old Website

From an eyesore…

Katie’s old site was in desperate need of updating.

Sterile, stuffy, and indistinguishable from the competition, it was doing more harm than good. Out of date and out of touch, Katie’s old site didn’t reflect the techniques or training delivered in the quality of her business and certainly didn’t do her justice.

Aside from aethethics needing a face-lift, the navigation and organization of the old site was confusing, with redundant pages and repetetive copy.

Katie Smith New Website

…to a site for sore eyes

Choice stepped in to create a new site for Katie much more reflective of the quality of her coaching services, and much more likely to attract the caliber of clientele that she is accustomed to working with.

Sleek, modern, and elegant, the new site allows visitors to effortlessly navigate to the coaching program that is right for them.

A book you can judge by its cover

Giving Katie’s brand and website an overhaul wasn’t the only work that needed to be done: Katie also entrusted us to help her with the rather large undertaking of designing the cover of her upcoming book.

As this was the release of her first book, it became the perfect opportunity to tie in the cover and reflect the updated branding of Katie B. Smith.

Additional services

There’s a lot more that goes into what Choice can do than what can fit on this page, including constructing a comprehensive editorial calendar, an all-encompassing social media strategy, search engine optimization, customized program development strategy and so much more.

If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for you to revitalize your brand and business, contact us today for a complimentary discovery call.

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