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Jim Spina

Physicist-turned-writer, Jim Spina approached us at Choice to aid him as he embarked on his journey as a new author, needing assistance not only in strategic planning, but needing to create a visual identity and branding for the new chapter in his career.

Jim Spina Homepage

Jim Spina New Site

Capturing a voice

Jim came to us as a new author in the process of writing his first book, and was in serious need of marketing help in preparation for launch. As an author, it was important that we spend a lot of time getting to know Jim so that we could develop his his brand based around his own voice. Our approach was to call balance the serious and at times dark nature of Jim’s writing with his natural sense of humor.

We designed a website that was purposeful and direct, to complement the candid nature of Jim’s writing and to avoid drawing the focus away from the content on the page. We spent a lot of time determining a guide and a tone that would dictate the accompanying images for each page.

Jim Spina Comedy

Dying’s easy,
Comedy is hard

As serious as the nature of Jim’s writing was, we wanted to make sure that we called attention to the humor imparted in his literary work. To help shine light on the levity in a much darker body of work, we created a series of simplistic comic graphics for use in Jim’s blog posts to help strike the right balance in tone, and create a more unique and visually appealing experience for the reader.

We’ve got it covered.

Along with a beautiful brand that speaks represents them, every author needs an attention grabbing book cover! Jim needed something striking, eye catching, that would immediately command attention and demand readers pick it off of a shelf. What we came up with commands attention even in passing, and serves to effortlessly distinguish his book from those of his competitors.

Additional services

There’s a lot more that goes into what Choice can do than what can fit on this page, including constructing a comprehensive editorial calendar, an all-encompassing social media strategy, search engine optimization, customized program development strategy and so much more.

If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for you to revitalize your brand and business, contact us today for a complimentary discovery call.

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