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Your Content Needs This Free Editorial Calendar Download

How many times has this happened to you...   You open up your business's Facebook page to find nothing has been posted for the last three days. Clicking over to Twitter yields the same results. It's like a ghost town!   Life gets busy, schedules fill up, and on occasion, you forget to post content. It happens!   Wouldn't it be great if you could schedule all your content in one spot, laid out all nice across channels for you to see? Consider your wish granted!   An editorial calendar is an excellent tool you can use to organize your content. As Hubspot explains it, this gives you and your team a framework for being deliberate and intentional about how you are reaching and building trust with your audience. It's a strategic marketing tool and a place to keep your team organized. This is crucial as your strategy moves forward!  ...

How do I get found on the internet? By giving free stuff.

"Getting found on the internet" revealed over 656,000,000 results in a Google search. Needless to say, it's a worry for many.
With the billions of pieces of content published on the internet every second of every day, how can someone even hope to be noticed? Isn't the internet saturated enough as it is? 

Why Hiring a Professional Designer is Worth Your Money

We’ve had our fair share of clients excitedly tell us about various services they’ve found that will take care of all of their design needs for just five dollars! (Or ten, or for trades for a pack of smokes, etc). We have to smile and nod politely when they talk about how fantastic it’s going to look, and at such a great price!

Do you know who your ideal customer is?

Unfortunately, there is no way to appeal to every customer, as buyers are widely varied and extremely different from one another. Attempting to reach everyone will paradoxically create an offering that appeals to no one. However, this isn’t a bad thing! By identifying your ideal customer, you can create the products that truly reflect your brand, and build a following that values your brand for what it is.