6 Free Tools Our Team is Stupid in Love With

As the saying goes, work smarter not harder.

Having been in the online marketing business for a minute or two, we here at Choice have used our share of resources in the pursuit of making our jobs more efficient (read: easier).

From social media to writing better headlines, we wanted to share with all you wonderful people our favorite tools available on the web for free.

1. Buffer
If you’re like us, you don’t have just one social media channel. Each channel offers advantages unique to the platform so it makes sense to try them all and hone in on which channel is most useful to your specific needs.

But to generate any sort of traffic, you have to post. Designing, crafting, posting and scheduling a message to each social media channel every day eats up a lot of time. Having to visit Facebook then Twitter then Instagram every day can tediously eat away at your soul. And if you’ve got more than one client? Forget about it. It’s enough to make you want to reject technology altogether and retreat to the forest to live in solitude.

Enter the amazing tool that is Buffer.

Logging into Buffer and connecting your social media channels allows you magically schedule and post to multiple channels simultaneously. You still have to visit the channels to interact with your followers, but it’s a lifesaver for scheduling content.

2. Mailchimp

At Choice, we sure do love a full figured email list.

No matter what your business cards say, a client’s email address is invaluable. They’ve given you permission to talk to them, so you better have something good to say. As you can guess, a random Hotmail account probably won’t get their attention.

To cut through all the noise our inboxes are stuffed with daily, we have Mailchimp.

With super easy drag and drop customization, automation options, and free access up to 2,000 subscribers, why are you not signed up yet? Go ahead, I’ll wait.

3. Crowdfire

While Twitter’s analytics options have increased dramatically in the last few years, how nice would it be to see your followers all laid out with their followers/following numbers clearly labeled and super visible? Or to easily see which of your followers did actually follow back, despite what their bio implies?

Crowdfire lights the way when it comes to these type of statistics.

Crowdfire lays all that information out in the open, allowing for quick follows and unfollows.

4. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer
Has this ever happened to you… You’re sitting at the computer, staring at the screen with a finished blog laid out before you. The only missing piece is a fabulous title that’ll grab your followers’ attention before the next doggo video catches their eye. Studies show you have less 7 seconds to do this, so it needs to be better than the h*ckin’ good boy waiting on their Facebook feed. (which can’t be possible as dogs are the best but we’ll try anyway.)

How do you reliably craft a catchy blog title or interesting email subject line?
The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer that’s how.

Using a complex algorithm to determine how and why a powerful headline is powerful, the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer takes most of the guesswork out of crafting titles and directs you with a pie chart and numbered score to improve your work. We try to get at least a 70. It’s like a game. How high can you score? We’ve not seen higher than an 88, so dazzle us with your fancy titles.

5. Unsplash

Most the time searching for free (and more importantly) high-resolution stock photos is a fruitless endeavor. If the stress of attempting to avoid any copyright infringements doesn’t fry you, weeding through the limited and outdated options might do you in.

Thank you Unsplash for taking the anxiety out of hunting for photos.

With thousands of high resolution, professional photos just waiting to be discovered, Unsplash is a godsend. Commercial free, no licenses, no fees… nothing but gorgeous glossy photos with zero hassle.

6. Survey Monkey

How do you find out what people like or how they feel? A survey.

Surveys are one of the most valuable resources you can utilize. From buying trends to market research to ideas for future content, we should always be asking our intended audience how they’re feeling. When we ask the questions, we get answers.

That’s where Survey Monkey comes in.

With plans starting at totally free, SurveyMonkey allows you to create custom surveys to send out to your audience. The free plan allows you to have 10 questions with a maximum of 100 responses per survey (you can have unlimited questions and responses per survey in the premium plans).

Have you used any of these wonderful tools? Do you know any extras we may have missed? Let us know!